Cargo Connexion

Cargo Connexion Oy is a full-service company in the field of both import and export trade. We have served our customers in a professional manner for more than 30 years at the Valko area in Loviisa.

Our customer base consists mainly of Finnish metalworking, construction, and forestry enterprises, as regards both import and export. Our customers also include transport and logistics companies from Finland and abroad.

Our warehouse terminal with sea, road, and railway connections offers a wide range of options for efficient logistics. The company’s location provides for versatile shipping operations, from conventional shipments to sea containers. Rail- way wagons can be parked on our own tracks or in a covered loading dock.

Using the terminal’s diverse equipment, we can handle even most challenging cargo operations: paper rolls, cartons or boxes, sawn timber, and heavy lifting. We can also handle long objects in a small space in our steel terminal. Our facilities are quite suitable and adjustable for larger products as well.

At the terminal, sea container unloading, loading and storage operations are performed in a flexible and cost-efficient manner using our container-lifting equipment, without keeping the drivers waiting.

Containers are transported using Finland’s best road connections – 55 km to Kotka, 78 km to Vuosaari. Russian border (Vaalimaa) is only 100 km away.
At our customs warehouse, goods can be stored without clearance through customs.

Our forwarders take care of transport operations and stock accounts, prepare the necessary export and import documents, take care of customs clearance and notifications on behalf of the customer.

Our strengths include the ability to adapt to the needs of our customers and a cost-effective way of operation.

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